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Kytöranta cottage


Kytöranta (4 + 2 hlö) 70 m² ****

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Welcome to Kytöranta!

Kytöranta is a cosy log cabin for families and couples. Cabin is situated beside Lake Iso-Paljo (length 2 km, breadth 700 m),

Kytöranta acquired its name due to its association with kytövuori hill and kytösuo mire, where land (so-called “kytö”) used to be burned over for cultivation purposes.

Right next to the cottage there is excellent berry and mushroom picking terrain, which is also ideal for hiking in general.If you are looking for peace and privace, this is an exellent cottage for you!


  • Log-cottage built in 2000. About 70 m².
  • Living room/kitchen with covertible sofa for 2 persons, 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each.
  • Wood-heated sauna, washing room, shower. Toilet, vestibule.
  • Heating pump/inverter air conditioning system, electric heating, roof heating, heat-storing fireplace.
  • The cottage has a garden swing; the terrace has a table and a set of chairs, as well as a kettle grill for barbecues.
  • Using the rowing boat, guests can fish for perch near the small island, then roast the catch on the wood-burning grill on the shore.
  • The sun shines on Kytöranta’s terrace almost all day round.
  • Deep and shallow water, sand bottom. Own rowing boat.
  • Own beach 35 m.
  • Wood-burning barbecue grill/shelter near the beach.
  •  We take care of good quality. All the cottages have been checked and classified.

Electricity is produced partly ecologically by solar power

In summer 2017, a small solar power plant was built in the farm. All cottages receive some ecological electricity, especially during summer time. 
The solar panels are on the roof of the former barn (cowhouse) and machine hall.

Dogs welcome!

We at Rantala Farm want you to enjoy your holiday and we are ready and willing to assist you to achieve this.




Prices starting from, reserving the right to changes

Price A / week 835 e
Price B / week 742 e
Price C / week 646 e
Midsummer fest / week 954 e
Weekend (Fri-Sun) alk. 277 e


  • Electric stove
  • Jääkaappi ja pakastinlokero
  • Electric heating
  • Heat storing fireplace
  • Cold and warm water
  • Shower
  • WC
  • Microwave oven
  • TV
  • Radio
  • DVD
  • Dishwasher
  • Laundry machine
  • Barbeque
  • Pinnasänky, kerro ennakkoon tarpeesta
  • Syöttötuoli, kerro ennakkoon tarpeesta
  • Koiran kupit
  • Soutuvene
  • Lämmityspistoke autolle


Helsinki 200 km
Lahti 100 km
Hartola 24 km
Joutsa 24 km
Kyläkauppa 4 km
Services (shops, bank, gas station , restaurants etc.) 24 km
Ski resort Purnuvuori 4 km
To cross-country ski track 400 m, length 8 km
Golf 25 km
Leivonmäki national park 20 km