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Dog friendly cottage holiday

Velmu talvi

Looking for a vacation place where your dog is also welcome?

Welcome to Rantala Cottages!


Come and spend a relaxing holiday with your dog ! It is possible to take your pet with you to all our cottages. If you come with your dog or not, it is sure that as soon as you arrive to Rantala farm, you will be given a warm welcome by Velmu. Velmu lives in the farm and he is an Australian kelpie. He is happy to show his large territory.

Our cottages are well equipped and we have also taken into account the needs of pets. You can get a loan leash for dogs and put it in the cottage yard. In addition, the cottages are equipped with food and water bowl.

How to have a succesful holiday with your dog

All our cottages are cozy and of course we have been thinking of your dog too. Each cottage is situated in peace and quiet and has private yards where your dog can run around freely and enjoy holidays.There is no direct sight to neighboring cottage.  If your dog is escaping sort, you can get a loan from us running the rope, which you can safely put your dog some air and enjoy the wonders of the countryside. In addition the cottages are equipped with eating and drinking plates for dogs as well as first-aid kit.

Cottages are surrounded by green forests and clean lake is only a few steps from the terrace of cottages. Forests invites you and your dog jogging and hiking in the fresh air and pleasant forest trails and forest roads. Here your dog can run free and sniff his lungs full of natural fragrances. What could be nicer after a long walk in the forest to go for a swim in Lake Iso-Paljo.

What to do with your dog in Rantala cottages?

Vuorenkylä village nature trail is 4 km away from the cottages, and there you can experience the rugged landscapes and see for example sawlog-sized juniper. The trail is marked with red paint and posts, so there is no danger of getting lost. The trail is about 2.5 kilometers and along it there is typical plants in the region and other natural wonders. There is a small hut situated at the highest point of the route, which offers breathtaking scenery.

Do you have a hobby with your dog?

There is plenty of forest around the cottages if you are interested in hunting or forest tracks. Training water rescue is also possible  as all the cottages are situated beside the lake. Rowing boats and life jackets includes to cottage rent.

Midnight Spy kennel meeting

Midnight Spy-grown Australian Kelpie kennel and kennel meeting was held in September in Rantala cottages for one weekend. The cottages and the surrounding area are ideal for dog meetings, because there are many opportunities. Australian Kelpie and their owners stayed over night either on their own cottage or cottage shared with someone else (cottages have separate bedrooms with doors and it guarantees good sleep for everyone). Weekends program included for example access for tracking, joint forest walks, sausage grilling in the hut and, of course, a lot of discussions.best time for dog meetings are spring and autumn as the cottages are available for renting for a weekend. During the high season, such as in the summer cottages are rented by the week.

How to book a cottage

Click the booking button on the top bar header. It will lead you to the booking site. There you can also check which cottages are available entering your income date, number of adults, children and dogs. Thereafter the cottages that match your criteria are highlighted. Then follow the instructions and make your reservation the way that suites you the best.. You can send us an email: info@rantalanlomamokit.com or call: +358 440 428 232. If you would like to make a reservation immediately and pay online, you can do it by using Lomarengas (biggest country-holidays agency in Finland).

Wuh Wuh! Let’s sniff and have fun!


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Our own dog Velmu

Velmu ”Midnight Spy Wallaroo” was born 3.5.2011 in Jyväskylä.

Personality:kind, obidient, fast runner
Hobbies:fetching and playing with balls and sticks
Favorite food: moose bones
Responsibilities:The top supervisor in the tractor, construction sites, and in other areas at the farm
Tip: If you would like too hear about my life and adventures, I visit often in Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rantalanlomamokit
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For your dogs health:

There is a first-aid kit in all the cottages.

Vet Hartola mobile phone +358 (0)44 729 7764

Vet Joutsa mobile phone +358 (0)40 485 5311 (after 4 p.m. telephone 0600-19222)

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