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Welcome to dog-friendly Rantala Holiday Cottages

Rantala Farm and Holiday Cottages are located in Hartola in the middle of beautiful lakes and forests, only a couple of hours’ drive north from the capital Helsinki. We have rented holiday cottages for  more than 45 years. In some cottages you can feel centuries of history, and in other cottages, you can enjoy modern ambience. All the cottages are well-equipped and we rent them all year round. You and your family will have a peaceful and joyful holiday – we Rantala hosts want to take good care of it. The cozy cottages in Hartola are suitable for families with children to older holiday makers, including dogs and cats are welcome to relax in the peace of nature. Here you can get rid of the city’s hustle and bustle, relax and feel how the batteries are loaded for new adventures!


Hartola and Joutsa offers plenty of activities and programs. There is many things to do in the surrounding area.

Visit the Vuorenkylä village nature trail circling the hill and fall in love with the stunning views. Rugged landscapes will stay permanently in your mind. In winter there are 2-8 km long maintained crosscountry ski trails along which it is possible to reach Purnuvuori Ski Resort. At Purnu you can experience the exhilarating speed of downhill skiing and also dine on Purnu’s famous vendace!

Wild berries and mushrooms can be freely gathered in the forest and the Rantala area is rich in this natural produce. There is a village society tepee on the farm’s land where guests are free to go to roast sausages or brew coffee over an open fire. It is also easy to reach the national parks and national snowmobile trail network from the cottage.

Rantala farm

Rantala Farm is located within walking distance of the cottages, making it easy for guests to come and see the everyday life of the farm or just drop in for a chat. At the moment, Rantala Farm cultivates cereals like oat, barley and cumin and some of the fields being scenic rather than productive. Rantala’s owners have always been interested in the forestry. There are also plenty of opportunities for guests to roam the forests or use the local logging roads or trails for walks.

Rantala family wants you to enjoy your holiday and we are ready to help and do our best for your successful holiday. We wish you all a warm welcome to Rantala!

Jouni Hokkanen and family

The owner



Myllymökki (4 + 3 hlö) 95 m² ****

Welcome to Myllymökki: Modern and spacious log cottage for families. Cottage is situated beside...

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Manunsaari (2 + 2 hlö) 23 m² *

Welcome to Manunsaari: Unique small cottage in an own island. Cottage is situated beside Lake...

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Kuikanranta (4 + 2 hlö) 100 m² ****

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Tuomaantupa (7 + 1 hlö) 108 m² ****

Cosy log cabin built in 1980, renovated and extended in 2012. Old part of the cottage is made of...

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Juurlahti (4 hlö) 68 m² ****

Cosy cabin built in 1972, renovated in 2003. Living room/kitchen with covertible sofa for 2...

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Talasniemi (4 + 1 hlö) 74 m² ***

Cosy log cabin built in 1978, renovated in 1998. Living room/kitchen with covertible sofa for 2...

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Lassinmaja (4 + 2 hlö) 73 m² ****

Cosy log cabin built in 1974, renovated and extended in 2004. Living room/kitchen with covertible...

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Kytöranta (4 + 2 hlö) 70 m² ****

Cosy log cabin built in 2002. Livingroom/kitchen with covertible sofa for 2 persons, 2 bedrooms...

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Pajaranta (4 + 2 hlö) 70 m² ****

Cosy log cabin built in 1985, renovated and extended in 2007. Living room/kitchen with covertible...

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